Feb 11, 2011

Follow Friday (Feb. 11)

Follow Friday is a weekly meme hosted by Parajunkee's View.

This week's feature: Ruby of Ruby's Reads

This week's question: What is your favourite romance hero-type? Stereotype wise. Do you like the strong silent type or the brute macho man?

I don't know. Really. I like both. I really can't choose between the two. But, if I REALLY have to choose, then it would the strong silent type. I like guys who would only say something when it's absolutely necessary. I guess it's because I'm talkative and a good listener would do me good. But, he does have to be strong. A woman does need her man to protect her. ;)


  1. Stopping by from Follow Friday. I'm you're newest follower!

    Follow me back here: http://blackfingernailedreviews.blogspot.com/

  2. Hi!! Hopping by to say hello! I'm a new follower! And it is hard to choose qualities in our heroes!

    Hope you get a chance to come by Gone with the Words!!!


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